About Us

Green Bangla Foundation

Mr. Kamruzzaman Mridha, the Managing Director of Mridha Agri Care Limited, has been working directly with the framers for last seven years by providing organic fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and counseling to the farmers all over the country. He found that the dealers are selling his products with high price to the farmers and ultimately the farmers are becoming looser. This situation shocked him to a great extends and he tried to find out a way to help the farmers. After discussing with many of his well wishers and with the inspiration of his young friends, he came forward and took initiative to establish a NGO and eventually him along with others like minded person established a NGO named “Green Bangla Foundation” in 2009.

Green Bangla Foundation Woman Development Program
  • Name of the Organization:   Green Bangla Foundation (GBF)
  • Year of Established: 2010
  • Legal Status: Registered in Joint Stock Company (Reg.No.S-11062)

Objectives of the Organization

The main objectives of Green Bangla Foundation is to empower the disadvantaged and powerless people of the target area for their sustainable socio-economic development through motivation, people’s organization non-formal education training and environmental up gradation, sanitation and viable income generating activities.  The specific objectives of Green Bangla Foundation are as follows:

  • To Create opportunities for the poorest section of the community to develop institutions of their own
  • To ensure people’s participation for their own development, so that they could continue community led process for their sustainable development through resource mobilization, linking with service providers including the government.
  • To ensure an atmosphere of interaction among the poor in order to identify the problems that always exists among them. At the same time assist them to eradicate the identified problems through education, training & income enhancement which ultimately help the poor to alleviate poverty
  • To assist the poorest section of the community to enhance their income through ensuring flexible credit & savings facilities
  • To assist the poor to take initiatives for alternative job creation through different income generating projects
  • To create atmosphere for ensuring Non-Formal Education to the poor by taking initiatives for establishing human, child and women rights and justice in the society
  • Mobilize people to protect the environment from pollution through social forestation and establish agro based economy



Green Bangla Foundation has a General Committee (GC) of 28 members. The GC is the highest policy-making body and meets once yearly to formulate policy, approve the budget and review previous activities. The GC elects seven members to the Executive Committee (EC) for a period of two years. EC members assist in carrying out the organizations activities as well as decide on future directions for Green Bangla Foundation and areas for expansion. The Executive Director is responsible for assisting Green Bangla Foundation staff to implement EC decisions.

Our Aim

The aim of this organization is to develop economic condition of the framers by introducing modern technologies and motivates farmers to use organic fertilizers for increasing fertility of the cultivable lands.


People are the decision maker of their own progress and prosperity but they need support not relief but release their latent potentialities for ensuring participation in development process.


Green Bangla Foundation spires for a society free from poverty & created self-employment where every individual will live in peace & communal harmony by enjoying rightful share of the resources belonging to the society through self-actualization and empowerment.