Our Programs

People are the decision maker of their own progress and prosperity but they need support not relief but release their latent potentialities for ensuring participation in development process.

Our Programs

The Green Bangla Foundation now intends to work with the local NGOs through partnership for establishing schools of farmers where the farmers will be trained up on modern agricultural technologies, advantage and dosage of organic fertilizers, how to prepare quality seeds and its preservation and also on other subjects based on the needs of the farmers.

Green Investment

Green investing refers to investing activities aligned with environmentally-friendly business practices and the conservation of natural resources.

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Entrepreneur Development

Entrepreneur Development Program Speech: To Train up & establish 3000 Entrepreneurs.Green Bangla Foundation has defined its process of enhancing the skillset and knowledge of  regarding the development of Entrepreneurs.


Agro - Farming

As a successful entrepreneur and innovator,Md Kamruzzaman Mridha, television report published.Green Bangla Foundation has initiated a program to modify and develop the concept of Agro-Farming by fixable investment all over the world.

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Women Development

In Cooperation with Md Kamruzzaman Mridha by providing training, crest & Certificate among successful women entrepreneurs. Women Development Program of Green Bangla Foundation in Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in the past years in improving the lives of women and girls.

Green Bangla Foundation Farmers Developments Programs

Farmers Development

Green Bangla Foundation has remarkable contribution in Farmers Development by increasing the production, distribution, and adoption of stress-tolerant seed varieties and promoting these varieties to farmers who need them but are not aware of their availability or the respective farming practices.


Youth Development

Green Bangla Foundation has contributed in Youth Development by providing them with guidance, education, training and employment.

Become an Agent

Green Bangla Foundation (GBF) had implemented it several programs and project through its Agents all over Bangladesh. An agent plays role on behalf of GBF according to job manuals and terms and conditions. GBF has increased its agent capacity of finance over the years.