Our Projects

The main objectives of Green Bangla Foundation is to empower the disadvantaged and powerless people of the target area for their sustainable socio-economic development through motivation, people’s organization non-formal education training and environmental up gradation, sanitation and viable income generating activities.

Our Projects

Green Bangla Foundation (GBF) has initiated its project and programs to develop economic condition of the framers by introducing modern technologies and motivates farmers to use organic fertilizers for increasing fertility of the cultivable lands. GBF also is also intended to create real service-oriented business friendly environment in the country by true, flexible investment. Now GBF has launched several project and program to develop of habitation of the general people of the country.


Green Housing Project

Green Bangla Foundation has launched Green Housing Project to develop the living status of the people of the country.



Green Bangla Foundation is intended to develop the entrepreneur who wants to set up or develop restaurant business in the country.


Eco - Park

An eco-industrial park is a community of businesses located on a common property in which businesses seek to achieve enhanced environmental, economic and social performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues. Green Bangla Foundation is implementing the project under Green Investment Program


Hotel Development

Green Bangla Foundation  has taken some initiatives in the Hotel Development of the country under the program of Green Investment Program

Green Bangla Foundation Farmers Developments Programs

Agro - Farming

The agro-food industry is centered on making, processing, preparing and packaging food products for human consumption. Green Bangla Foundation has remarkable contribution to development of agro – food and farming sector of the country.  


Mordern Fish Farming

Modern Fish Farming can be used to produce freshwater fish species such as tilapia, pangasius, common carp, and others. Green Bangla Foundation  has launched the project to the farmers and entrepreneur who want to start Modern Fish Farming.

Become an Agent

Green Bangla Foundation (GBF) had implemented it several programs and project through its Agents all over Bangladesh. An agent plays role on behalf of GBF according to job manuals and terms and conditions. GBF has increased its agent capacity of finance over the years.